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  1. jcweldon's Avatar
    Hi Guys,

    Was hoping someone could help.

    origanlly got an iphone 4 off someone, stuck in recovery mode, i managed to get it out of recovery.
    restored to 6.1.3. after that it wont boot to the home screen, a couple of times it has gotten to the "Swipe to Setup" screen but then just reboots.

    even from 6.1.3 i managed to jail break to 6.1.2, but still the same issue, just keeps rebooting.
    took the logic board out and put it in another iphone and same issue, tried numerous batteries. no difference.

    so leads me to believe that it is a boot issue i.e firmware or something wrong on the logic board.
    all looks fine though, all water damage indicators are still fine.

    can get it into dfu mode and recovery no problem. even restores fine. just won't boot.

    any guidance appreciated.
    2013-07-07 04:21 PM
  2. Simon's Avatar
    Sounds like a logic board fault to me.
    2013-07-07 05:42 PM