1. abubin's Avatar
    I have an old ipod 4 that I seldom use. It is currently using firmware 4.1 which is already very old. I am thinking to upgrade it to 6.1.2 which is the last working untethered firmware. However, apple is only signing 6.1.3 now and I do not have shsh blob saved for 6.1.2.

    After doing a little bit of research. It seems I can accomplish this with ifaith to generate 6.1.2 shsh and then stitch it into firmware 6.1.2 using snowbreeze.

    So I tried running ifaith 1.5.9 to save the shsh but it failed in one of the steps where it says uploading "ibec" or something. It rebooted the ipod back to normal screen and ifaith hang in that step. Is this due to me still in firmware 4.1? What if I upgrade to 6.1.3 and then run ifaith again? Will this time it works in generating the shsh that I need?

    2013-08-24 07:15 PM
  2. 2k1's Avatar
    You would have to have saved them when apple was signing 6.1.2 since you don't have them blobs you will not be able to upgrade to that one. 6.1.3 is the firmware you would have to go to. It's a tethered jailbreak thou.
    2013-08-24 07:20 PM