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    hi i wanted to update my phone to 6.1.2 (currently on 5.0.1) and previously saved blobs via cydia. do the blobs from cydia still work because wasn't there something wrong with them but i was reading what had happened to them and there was something about some apticket exploit thingy (no idea) for iphone 3gs. so is there a way possible for me to upgrade to 6.1.2 or is a 6.1.3 semi-tethered jailbreak the way to go? thanks
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    2013-08-31 07:22 PM
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    No chance for 6.1.2, if the blobs you have, were only saved by Cydia. They are corrupted and can't be used. On 6.1.3, if you have old boot room, JB will be untethered, if you have new boot room, than only tethered. That is all you need to know
    2013-08-31 08:12 PM
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    thanks for the reply is it possible to use the semi-tether tweak for 6.1.3?
    2013-08-31 08:40 PM
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    yes it is, you just install it after the JB and that's it
    2013-08-31 09:45 PM