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    Hi guys, so I've been spending days trying to figure this out myself and I feel it's time to ask for help. I have an Ipad 2 running jb for 5.1.1, I would like to upgrade it to 6.1.3 or lower. I'm using the itunes 11.0.5 I've tried deleting the gs.apple from host, putting it on dfu mode while using firmware 6.0.1 and 6.1.3, deleting cache, and keep getting error 3194. I believe I do not have my shsh saved properly. I used tinyumbrella yesterday to save and it shows up saved shsh for 6.0.1 and 6.0 but ifaith says invalid aptickets. If anyone could help, that would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    Sorry, but you have no other choice but to upgrade to IOS 7. The rest, without properly saved SHSH blobs (which you don't have) is just impossible. And for IOS 7, you need the latest iTunes 11.1
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    thanks bbrks, i figured it was impossible in my situation after all the searching but i needed a clarification.
    2013-09-25 10:59 PM
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    You can downgrade/upgrade an iPad 2 to 5.x if it meets the following requirements:

    " The one exception: you can use SHSH to downgrade an iPad 2 from iOS 6.x to 5.x using redsn0w if you have SHSH saved for both iOS 4.x and iOS 5.x " For more info, you can read it here:

    Frequently Asked Questions - JailbreakQA
    2013-09-25 11:59 PM