1. SS4Luck's Avatar
    So i have a 64G 4S that i want to use as an iPod now that I have my 5S and is there a way to delete ios apps off of the iphone to clear even more memory? Stuff like mail, and maps and newsstand and all the "tool" apps as i usually call them. I plan on leaving the 4S plugged into a hidden USB in my truck and using it as a multimedia driver for the stereo in my truck.

    Any chance of making this happen or is it something like downloading an app off of Cydia and just hiding them? The 4S is on iOS 6.0 and already jailbroken with evasi0n.

    2013-09-26 06:48 AM
  2. Paulsquaredson's Avatar
    I don't know about deleting stock apps like mail and phone, but Poof! from Cydia will hide specific apps of your choosing. It may not clear memory on your phone but it'll make your springboard look cleaner. Springtomize 2 from Cydia does this as well.
    2013-09-27 07:49 PM