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    So after bringing my phone home from walmart, I realized that I was unable to restore it. It would not let me erase all settings and reset to factory new. In fact, the option wasn't even there.

    I then realized I had a demo iPhone. I looked on the packaging, and sure enough, it was a demo.

    I spent ~8 hours looking at it forensically and found lots of information leakage. For example, It was connected to apple's internal network in June, It saved the DNS servers/router and IP address it used. I verified this too, the DNS name of the ip is something like fdns2.apple.com. The ranges belong to apple.

    There is also information that can be easily tied back to actual apple employees. I also found some dev work regarding giftcards that aren't even view-able without taking apart the backups. Lots of really wonderful insights into the IOS development process and as soon as someone releases a jailbreak for IOS 7.0, I can get my hands on the keychain and start getting clear text some username/passwords that will be reallllllly interesting.

    Anyway, I don't know what to do, I can't restore a regular image to it, for a normal iphone 5 IOS 7. I can't get it to 'reset to factory mode'.

    Has anyone ran into this before? I have it listed on ebay right now, because I don't know if I can even load my profile onto it.

    I have screenshots substantiating my claims below. If anyone has ever experienced this, please let me know.
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