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    i need to restore without updating using the backup-file that i just created today with itunes before jail breaking.....

    i backed up my phone with i tunes before jail-breaking with evasion 7.... im running 7.0.3 .....got stuck on the apple logo after evasion 7 jailbreak.

    went into recovery mode and iTunes wants to update before restoring. ive had problems jail-breaking before and updating and restoring messed it up worse....

    I want to locate the backup i did before jail breaking and use that..... tried holding shift when i hit restore, a window opened to locate the file......... I had a problem locating it so imma put up how i did it in case anyone needs it......... first make sure hidden files are able to be seen....c/doc and settings/username/application data /apple comp/ backup/ and one of those files in there

    my problem is when i hold shift and hit restore on itunes...i navigate to that folder.....found the only file that was made today which is the back up file, but when i hit open nothing happens.

    someone help please i didnt want a headache i just wanted to jailbreak

    I just noticed when i hold shift n hit restore iphone ,under my doc there a file 91 mobile .....in the file theres another one called iphone ....in that file theres 3 files but wont do anything 1 says shsh when i hit open nothing happens.....one says backup , last says downmanage none will open
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    Why not just of restore as new to 7.0.4 and jailbreak then?
    2013-12-30 01:22 PM
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    Yes, when jailbreaking, it is always best to download the correct .ipsw file that corresponds to your device and then do a DFU restore using that file followed by a "set up as new". Reboot once or twice and then jailbreak. Thus will give you the cleanest results. Restoring from backups may just be putting your issues back on your device!

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    2013-12-30 05:55 PM