1. Hiesenberg's Avatar
    So i looked at my phone something had turned my 3G on.
    So i swipe the status bar, turn the brightness up and turn off my Data and 3G switches.
    Look back at it a minute later and it's back on, i do the same thing, now it's turning back on automatically withing 2 seconds of turning it off.
    I re-spring, turn off, nothing works.
    I search stuff and find out it may be something to do with iCaughtU, so i go to cydia and find i have 17 cydia apps to update.
    A window on cydia pops up saying i have apps that need updating and had an option to (update essentials), so i click it and then go to 'Changes' and update all 17 apps.
    after updating it says 'Close Cydia' so i do then something comes up on cydia (i think on the screen it takes you to when installing a tweak, theme, etc.) it tells me i have to reboot, so i do.
    I unlock my phone and all my apps are now visible (i use bigify, have not had any problems) i click an app and it shows the effect when you click an app (dulls it) but then does nothing, nothing at all.
    Re-spring it and everything and i cant do a thing with it except for when notification banners come up which i can interact with, i also have axis (also no problems) which gives me only 6 apps i can actually use.
    Can't connect to iTunes or anything.
    Would love if anyone knows how i can fix this or at least be able to make a backup, update to IOS7 and restore everything and just jailbreak when the next one is available.
    2014-01-04 07:21 AM
  2. sashusmom's Avatar
    Sorry to hear you're messed up. If you post what phone model, iOS you are presently on, and what jailbreak you used maybe someone will be able to help. Good luck.
    It doesn't cost anything to be nice and say thank you
    iPhone 5s (after a long time with android devices so I am very rusty! )
    iOS 8.4, Jailbroken with TaiG Ipad air 2- 8.1.2, JB with pangu
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    2014-01-04 08:36 AM
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    Please look here for further inquiries:
    2014-01-05 01:26 AM