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    I need an application that can hide specific contacts from the address book as well as sms communication with those specific people. it would need to catch all incoming SMS messages from that particular list of people and silently store them in a secret area of the phone. wouldn't even necessarily need to be a secret area, just somewhere I can hide/relocate myself if possible.

    it is my understanding that apple does not allow developers to modify the contacts of the phone, so that leaves this duty up to the blackhat guys serving the jb community.

    I have had one app in the past that did this, it was called Hidden SMS Lite, but devs stopped at ios4. I'm on 6.1.3 and I need a solution! hidden SMS Lite will not load on ios 6. I would also be interested in paying anyone that could figure out how to modify hidden SMS lite to function on 6, I feel that it would not be the most difficult task (not a ton of changes took places from ios4-6 imo)

    I have searched far and wide for up to date software that can do this but I haven't had any luck yet.

    other software that have similar hiding characteristics but still fail for either compatibility issues or just not meeting the above criteria are:


    none of these apps will silently and stealthfully grab an incoming text and store it for you separate from your native IOS SMS application.

    if anyone is up to the task to develop this, willing to attempt to reverse engineer hidden SMS lite to operate on ios6, or thinks they have another software that I could try, feel free to get in touch with me. monetary compensation is on the table here.

    2014-01-15 06:13 AM
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    just to follow up: iBlacklist was the solution. by copying specific contacts from my address book to the "blacklist", any communication from those people will go into the blacklist app, and not to my messages.app. I can also block their calls/send to voicemail/auto respond to call with a text message. if someone contacts me when I have the software enabled, I have the option of a vibration notification, a tone like a regular text message, or none at all. has a cool optional feature of a little notification icon in the top bar next to the battery which the average person wouldn't pick up on as well.

    my personal favorite part is that it has a feature to camouflage the app with custom icons (or you can provide your own via ssh) and a custom title. further, you can set dual passwords to the application so that if someone tries to access it, and they enter the wrong password, it will redirect to any app of your choosing (really nice for camouflaging purposes) and obviously the correct password will open the iblacklist interface.
    2014-01-18 06:21 PM