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    Hello to you more experienced Jailbreakers than me

    Yesterday I installed a cydia tweak (don't remember what the last one I did was- sorry) And it put me into an apple screen bootloop with a blue screen before the screen went off. I never saw that before.

    I have been jailbroken since cydia substrate was updated for the 5s, and my phone was just getting to where I really was happy with it. Then it crashed at the apple boot screen.

    The only fix I saw(after searching) was getting it into dfu mode and restoring. Which I did. And ended up with a confirmed unlocked phone, on 7.0.4 (thank you god) and no jailbreak installed. I had BU's, but everything I read was to restore as new. Which I did.

    Sadly I did not have a list of tweaks I installed, but did have pkg BU installed- finally it was updated for the 5s last week- very glad I was on top of that.

    I re-jailbroke with latest Evasi0n tool, and had no clue what tweaks I had installed and started reading and collecting them again. Opened Package BU, and no back up was found. What? I know I did an initial backup. Where was it? ANd finally after playing around in the settings I found it in my contacts. I was sure I set it for dropbox, but no. So after finding the BU, I restored my cydia tweaks or most of them. Still missing those I found this week that were not in the back up.

    So the point of this post- Was there anything I could have done that would have preserved my jailbreak? I don't want to find myself in this position when 7.1 is released and there is no jailbreak for it. That would be very sad. And it was such a pain setting it up all over again. Probably took me 2 hours or so. Would love to avoid that in the future, but most important is the loss of the JB. It doesn't impact my unlock, but after using my phone for 3 months stock, then using it for 2 weeks with cydia tweaks, it was rockin!!

    Thanks for any input to a really rusty jailbreaker. Last time this happened I was on a 3gs, was forced to restore to rescue my phone after getting frozen, and lost the jailbreak and unlock!! Totally disgusted with myself I went to android for 3 years! Never lost a phone, things were always hackable.

    Any advancements in the jailbreak world to avoid this? Thanks. And my phone is very close to being perfect again.
    It doesn't cost anything to be nice and say thank you
    iPhone 5s (after a long time with android devices so I am very rusty! )
    iOS 8.4, Jailbroken with TaiG Ipad air 2- 8.1.2, JB with pangu
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    2014-01-21 12:32 PM
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    A tool like iLEX R.A.T. or Semi-Restore would hopefully have done the trick of wiping your phone to (almost) freshly-restored clean but still maintaining your jailbreak.

    Note: These tools don't work on iOS 7 yet, only through 6.x.
    2014-01-21 10:07 PM