1. UJL's Avatar
    I was changing the message and mail icons for OpenNotifier New version 2.0~beta and after I respring the boot logo keeps flashing. I connected my iphone 5 to my computer and it let me upload all my photos, it did a auto back up on itunes and also was able to transfer these files to my desktop using iFunBox.

    For some reason I cant view ifile with iFunBox to transfer everything else. Any suggestions?

    2014-02-19 10:00 PM
  2. bbrks's Avatar
    I don't get it. With iFunBox, you have full access to your phone. What do you need than iFile for.
    Also, do you have afc2add installed on your phone?
    2014-02-21 12:13 PM
  3. UJL's Avatar
    Thanks for the reply, I ended up doing a restore and starting over since none of my back ups would work. I wanted to get into ifile so that way I didn't have to start all over with all my themes.

    I thought you could access ifile from iFunBox but was told you can't because it's a program.
    2014-02-21 05:07 PM
  4. jhyrmes's Avatar
    how do you fix your iphone5 still flashing and can't restore to itunes? pls help me..still now my logo flashing
    2014-03-22 07:38 PM