1. AZMikey2000's Avatar

    My phones been kind of quirky so I'd like to reset it back to an un-jailbroken 7.0.6 iOS.

    I've downloaded the firmware, unzipped it, and now have a DMG file containing the firmware. This is where I get stuck because using iTunes to restore it requires an IPSW file, however, I only have the DMG file type.

    Any suggestions?

    2014-07-25 01:20 PM
  2. bbrks's Avatar
    You can't restore to 7.0.6 again, only 7.1.2., the latest IOS Apple is signing.
    2014-07-25 03:21 PM
  3. AZMikey2000's Avatar
    Crap. Lol.

    Thanks for your reply
    2014-07-25 05:45 PM
  4. bbrks's Avatar
    Why crap, what do you have against 7.1.2, or is there something, we don't know?
    2014-07-25 08:26 PM
  5. AZMikey2000's Avatar
    I have my phone jail broken on 7.0.6 and everything's working fine. I'd rather keep it at this version until 8 comes out and gets jb
    2014-07-25 08:38 PM
  6. bbrks's Avatar
    It seams that you didn't inform yourself lately. For more than a month now, we have a new untethered jailbreak for 7.1.2....Pangu 1.1....Pangu Jailbreak Tool(Pangu.io)
    You have a tutorial on the forum also
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    2014-07-25 09:39 PM
  7. AZMikey2000's Avatar
    I'm aware of the jb for 7.1.2, but wanted to make sure I didn't "break" any of my jb apps by upgrading and re-jail teaming.

    Is the general consensus that all my apps should be fine at 7.1.2?
    2014-07-26 02:53 AM
  8. Bo Troxell's Avatar
    I believe that the majority of the tweaks have all been updated by now. I haven't had any issues.
    2014-07-26 03:12 AM
  9. AZMikey2000's Avatar
    Great! I'll give it a try
    2014-07-26 03:30 AM