1. devlon's Avatar
    Hey this may not be the proper subforum, but hope someone could point me to the proper one or offer suggestions --

    Is anyone having trouble with Facebook's Messenger on Cydia's latest update? I've tried launching it for the past 3 days and each time, without even opening the app, I can just open the folder it's in, or scroll to the page it's on, the phone freezes for five seconds or so, and then resprings into safe mode. When I delete the app, everything works fine. It didn't start doing this until I installed a Cydia update last week --

    Any ideas?
    2014-08-27 07:15 AM
  2. mohamsir's Avatar
    this happened to me when i installed bluepill if u got it try delete
    or any facebook patches from flex pr facebook tweaks might work
    2014-08-27 03:39 PM