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    Hello All & Happy Holidays! Ok, so I am entertaining the thought of moving on from my iPhone 4s (currently jailbroken on 7.1.2) and upgrading to a 6+. Wanted to know if it was possible to then re-jailbreak the new phone to 8.1 or whatever the most current possibility is?!? And if so, what is the best way to do so?!? I believe I used Pangu for the 7.1.2 upgrade from 5.1.1 after a long time. Any help and suggestions greatly appreciated!
    2014-12-22 07:38 PM
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    Taig Jailbreak for 8.1.2, that's it.

    TaiG Jailbreak Tool €“ untether Jailbreak for iOS8.0-8.1.2, TaiG official website, Download TaiG
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    2014-12-22 07:51 PM
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    Thanks for the quick reply bbrks! To retain what I've done so far (as far as modding etc) I guess just do the normal backup to iTunes, jailbreak and then restore from iTunes and then go in and re-install tweaks etc?!?
    2014-12-22 07:57 PM
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    For 6+, not sure what IOS will be on it, if it's not on 8.1.2, I would recommend update first, than jailbreak and than return all your apps manually. The reason why....I am just not sure, if the backup from 4S will work on 6+.
    With a new phone, fresh start and setup as new is for me always the right choice.
    2014-12-22 08:22 PM
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    To ensure the best and painless task of not having to deal with any issues that may arise from restoring your apps and tweaks onto a new iOS, what I would suggest you do is take screen shots of your apps and tweaks.

    Then download the 8.1.2 firmware for your correct iPhone 6+ version. Then DFU restore (google it if you don't know). Then jailbreak using the latest Taig. Then add back your apps and tweaks one by one.

    Although this is tedious, you will benefit from this because if you face any issues, you will have less places to look at, instead of having to worry whether it was caused by your backup or what you currently were doing.
    2014-12-22 10:00 PM
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    Thanks Evo! Taking the plunge today!!!
    2014-12-23 05:12 PM
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    the link is not working. any idea why?
    2014-12-24 08:57 PM
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    the link is not working. any idea why?
    The Taig website hasn't ever worked for me and I don't know why. I found a link on Redmond Pie that worked though.

    Just your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man!
    2014-12-24 10:42 PM