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    hey guys just recently replaced both my lcd/digitizer for my ipad 4 retina and it wont boot
    i had the ipad fully turned off before hand because it had no battery left having not been used in over a year.
    After assembly the new replacement parts then plugging into a charger it shows the white apple logo for 2 seconds then turns off then 5 seconds afterwards apple logo reappears then shuts off again. Im not sure what
    the issue is since i installed them with care not bend/flexing cables and be sure to not push ribbons into sockets on angles etc.

    I read online that putting it into dfo mode and letting it charge then trying to turn it on could fix it but this is not the case unfortunately.

    It will only do this boot loop when connected to a charger, when unplugged or put into a pc it will not respond at all.

    Please someone help me thanks
    2017-03-02 09:30 AM