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    I have an unlocked, jailbroken original 1.1.1 that I decided to finally update to 1.1.3. I had MANY apps, and all of them are gone (which I thought might happen) but some will not reinstall and other simply will not work. Also my texts are all out of order. I immediately used customize to change some thing's and no matter how many times I change them, nothing comes about (IE: the text balloon color's). I also added several themes for summerboard and they will not work either. Also MAJOR problem, music will NOT upload to phone, even though it says it is. iTunes now lists phone as "untitled playlist" instead of Alicia's iphone. When I changed some settings and hit sync it gave me an error message stating "The iphone "Untitled Playlist" cannot be synced. The required disc can not be found." Custom ringtones are gone. I used ZiPhone to update this time around. iBrickr now says my phone is not unlocked or jailbroken even though it is.

    Unrelated but I've had an ongoing problem where the phone will go on mute while I'm talking and the screen will go black and will not go back on no matter how much I touch it, resulting in having to hang up on the speaking person and having to call back. Happens on 8 out of 10 calls, making me consider getting rid of it.

    Thank you for any and all help. <3


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    yeah 1.1.3 sucks. i should have never upgraded from 1.1.2 because now i cant use half the apps i was using on 1.1.2. Now i cant downgrade....
    2008-03-26 08:50 AM