1. Roland7's Avatar
    hi guys first time in the forums and i need help, i loaded a theme from installer which said it had CS3 style icons well the piece of crap totally crashed my iphone it would not load at all i had to restore and jailbreak it again, i think the theme was from iclarified apologies if thats wrong but did it mess up my iphone thing is now mail wont load when i tap the screen it opens then closes about 3 secs later, i have looked around a bit but cant find what's wrong, im not as smart as some of you guys though. so any help would be greatly appreciated. i have iPhone 8Gb 1.1.4 with 04.04.05_G jailbroken with iLiberty+ thanks in advance. safari works fine and everything else its just mail. ??
    2008-03-29 05:52 AM
  2. oldskoolkid13's Avatar
    wrong forum...
    i had the same problem... its probably just a bad jailbreak...restore it and try it again n it should be fine...

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    2008-03-29 06:14 AM
  3. Roland7's Avatar
    thank you that fixed the problem, you said you had the same problem was that just with mail or with the CS3 theme as well.
    agian many thanks
    2008-03-29 06:30 AM
  4. oldskoolkid13's Avatar
    just the mail

    If I helped you at all please hit the thanks button 4 me!
    2008-04-03 04:13 AM
  5. stonz's Avatar
    u might want to check if you have installed "SUID Lib Fix" right after installing BSD subsystem.

    i didn't install that.... and after using 1.1.4, the mail couldn't open and icons (like bootneuter, boss tool, bosspref) disappeared.

    i restored custom firmware, installed bsd subsystem and "SUID Lib Fix"... seems to be all working now
    2008-04-04 07:55 PM