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    Just ordered 2 iphones from the US (In Aus here) and wondering re: new firmware 1.1.1

    It is worth me downgrading all now (and keep it as an ipod touch similar) until unlock and baseband downgrade has happened, or should i just keep them nice and clean and wait for a full 1.1.1 unlock/phone sim unlock etc for the whole pack?


    ps Another quickie... Would the refurb models if the iphone come with the new firmware or the old one for some reason?
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    2007-10-10 02:05 AM
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    u never know u might still get the older version 1.0.2 because I know some stores still have iphones with the older firmware
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    2007-10-10 02:17 AM
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    I know for certain that the refurbished iPhones will get the new firmware. That is actually a part of the refurbishment process and when I bought two new 8GB iPhones on 10/02, bith came with 1.1.1.
    2007-10-10 02:59 AM
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    Hey all

    this post:
    Originally Posted by danman227460 View Post
    So you can downgrade BUT can't SimUnlock the phone? Is that right?
    Wrong once you downgrade you can jailbreak your iphone and unlock it.
    Is this true? So I can downgrade my 1.1.1 to 1.0.2 and then once it's restored, run the normal 4 page tutorial for my mac os x (which worked great) and have an unlocked/ sim activated iphone?? just not with 1.1.1 features?

    If this is so, then fantastic - will do this until the 1.1.1 break comes out..
    please let me know if this is case.
    2007-10-10 04:29 AM