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    What should it look like?

    I feel like I'm low on memory (apptapp tells me I only have 30.9 MBs left). Everything is running fine, but I think I may have forgotten to delete some of the stuff needed for the jailbreak.
    2007-10-12 11:11 PM
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    "you have to do this after you all all done. let me know if you cant figure it out


    You've now successfully jailbroken your iPhone and set up shop. Congratulations!

    Before you can sync, you will need to remove the symlink you created:

    rm /var/root/Media
    mv /var/root/Media.old /var/root/Media

    That's it!

    it takes the var/root/media file back to origanal.
    to jail break it had to trik itunes by making a false media file the clean up step brings it back"

    before you upgrade to 1.1.1 you have to and media shortcuts after you are all done you have to get ride of them. the step above tells how go into winscp and press control + t to open up terr copy and paste rm /var/root/Media. hit excute

    then copy and paste mv /var/root/Media.old /var/root/Media hit exicute
    restart and see what happens

    when all said and done there should just be one media file in var/root no short cut and a media backup if you dont have a media copy the media backup and rename media
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    2007-10-13 02:54 AM
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    thanks, but I did the jailbreak with trip1prepz, so I never had a media.old directory. Any other suggestions?
    2007-10-13 03:47 AM
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    what did tripprez do it had to do the same thingfor it to work

    what files are in ur var/root file
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    2007-10-13 03:55 AM