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    I have a 112 OTB phone running on stealth sim, activated and jailbroken. I got curious with 114 today and decided to upgrade to 114 using Ziphone 3.0. Everything works like a breeze until i realize that 114 doesn't allow 5 dock and customize doesn't install on it.

    So I decided on switch back to 112 thinking that all there is to do is to set it to recovery mode and restore as 112 in iTunes. I tried that and iTunes popped a message that the 112 firmware cannot be restored.

    Fortunately I am still able to use iBrickr to kick the phone out of recovery mode.

    Can someone advise or point me in the right direction on how to go back to 112 from 114 after upgrading using Ziphone 3.0?
    2008-04-02 03:21 PM