1. dsapp22's Avatar
    I have an unlocked iphone on 1.1.4

    its been working perfectly for months, I;ve added new icons, apps, done everything and it works fine, however.....

    from today when i made a call nobody could hear me

    i kep getting an error message saying roughly

    this accesory isnt supported iphone (even though i havent connected anything)

    I want to do a restore but whenever i connect it to my macbook it says>>>

    USB connecting drawing too much power etc...

    its a nightmare !!!!

    I cant even charge it or turn it off, I have about 10 mins of battery left then Im screwed.

    somebody must be able to help !!!!

    2008-04-02 10:19 PM
  2. m3thodandr3d's Avatar
    This sounds like a hardware problem. What you can do is try connecting to a different mac or pc. If this doesn't work and you need to bring in the phone to Apple, just go into installer and delete all the apps you have installed. Then finally uninstall installer. If none of these solutions help, try restoring all settings in the iPhones settings, reset page.
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    2008-04-02 10:37 PM
  3. dsapp22's Avatar
    thanks but about to lose power and once i do its all over...

    do u really think unistalling all the apps etc will fix it ???
    2008-04-02 10:41 PM
  4. m3thodandr3d's Avatar
    Uninstalling the apps most likely won't fix that power issue, but in the last resort you have to bring it to Apple they won't probably notice it's jailbroken.
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    2008-04-02 10:52 PM
  5. KatetheKitten's Avatar
    Well you should still be able to connect it to the wall, so don't panic there. have you tried to put the phone in DFU mode with the comp?
    2008-04-02 11:42 PM
  6. hawkcrewchief's Avatar
    I have the exact problem same message no one can hear me and the home button doesnt work dammmitttttt!
    2008-04-03 12:09 AM
  7. keg_on_legs's Avatar
    dsapp22, was your homebutton working or not? or was your propblem just the calls and not being able to have your computer pick up your iphone?
    2008-04-03 02:44 AM
  8. respong's Avatar
    hey, i have exactly the same problem no one can hear me and the home button doesnt work
    Did you find something!!!
    Please help me
    2008-05-28 03:03 AM