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  1. jimpgud's Avatar
    Running a Toshiba Satellite M35X-S114 Laptop trying to get osx86 installed I have tried the different kernals however it installs loads up and gives me the apple then a flashing circle with the line (you know the red circle with the line they always put over the no parking signs). doesn't matter what i do still does it. Um this this the 10.5.6 osx86 i'm trying for it's all i can find
    2009-09-25 03:19 AM
  2. oldgit9's Avatar
    i had a lot of trouble trying to get an os x on my toshiba a110-276. ok it's an old laptop but it still should be able to run a os x of some kind.

    to cut the very long story short, os x 10.6 would not work. and even a few os x 10.5 distro's would not work. in the end, i eventually managed to get iAtkos v7 to work. it took me some time to get the correct configuration of the kext to get everything working. well...except the wifi. that wil probably not get fixed in the forceable future..

    before you start downloading different distro's, try the following first.

    1. during boot up, press F8.
    2. type -v and press enter. it should boot up. if not, you'll be able to see what has caused the problem.

    if you recognize the issue, you could try and fix it by putting the install disc back in and installing the correct kext for the issue. just be careful not to re-install everything again. your best bet is to, de-select everything (especially the distro install and the clean up boxes). then tich the kext you wish to install. this time, it wont take long to install and reboot. if all goes well, it should boot up.
    2011-02-25 03:06 AM