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  1. SGTB33FY's Avatar

    I installed iAtkos v7 on my gateway, everything works fine on the mac side.
    but when I shutdown and go to load my windows it says it cant be loaded because winboot or what ever the file name is is missing or corrupt.

    so what I was wondering if there is anyway I can fix this with out having to reformat my windows partition of my drive.

    ok this is what it said,


    is corrupt or missing....

    plz help I dont wanna loose all my ****.
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    2009-10-27 07:34 AM
  2. REAPERDAGREAT13's Avatar
    Two questions:

    are both operating systems on different hard drives?
    do u have a disk with the corrupted system?

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    2009-10-27 04:20 PM
  3. CaptainChaos's Avatar
    You should be able to fix your MBR(master boot record) by using recovery mode or by using the CD that windows came on. It sounds like your bootini is hosed.
    2009-10-27 05:00 PM
  4. SGTB33FY's Avatar
    It was all on my hard drive,
    i had it partitioned into 3 drives, C:windows, D:recover:, and M:MAC HD.

    and i got it working now, I had to delete the mac partition and merge it back with C and i got a vista disk and when I loaded it it said my C drive was my recovery and my D is where my windows was, which made no sense because they just switched, but I came back and did it again and it said I needed to repair and restart,and I did.

    and here I am, all working again,

    if I ever try to load osx86 ill just do it on an external drive to avoid any complication.
    2009-10-28 12:38 PM