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  1. phoenix81's Avatar
    I have a amd win 7 quadcore host. Osx 10.6.2 as a guest in virtualbox.

    iTunes and pwnage can see the apple tv2 it tells me it has created my custom ipsw. Yet I can't get pwnage to see it in dfu mode.

    So I tried to do it all on win7, redsn0w and sn0wbreeze but tell me invalid ipsw??

    And iTunes alone fails 1039 (I think) can not use this version or some crap.
    2011-01-27 03:22 PM
  2. Rob2G's Avatar
    install Macdrive for windows, there is a free demo available. It will allow you to access you mac HHD. Find where virtual box stores your Mac os x install and copy the firmware that pwnage made to your windows install and put your phone in DFU and use itunes in windows to install the firmware.
    2011-03-29 04:09 AM