1. dibbs's Avatar
    Sorry to ask but can someoe tell me where my phone is up to.
    I purchased my iphone in the USA and want to use in uk. It came with the 1.1.1 which i downgraded to 1.0.2. When I used the methods online a combination of iFuntastic and iBrickr i get the message "Sim card not approved" does this mean my I phone is locked, bricked or both?
    Also when I connect to independance the phone shows as activated yet anysim does not work.

    Sorry to ask but I'm that confused now thinking of putting it in the bin and boycotting apple altogether.

    any help would be welcomed
    many thanks
    2007-10-13 08:11 PM
  2. xfsasx's Avatar
    which carrier are you using?
    2007-10-13 08:31 PM