1. doubletake76's Avatar
    i just installed audacity and the lame link is not working. i found lame somwhere else but when i hit covert it asks me for a missing dll file. what am i doing wrong? please help!
    2007-10-13 09:47 PM
  2. Emc1683's Avatar
    Download this file, remove the .pdf so the file name will be : lame_enc.dll and place it somewhere on your comp. You can put it directly in C: if you want... THen when it asks for the file locate it.

    You may have to go to Edit > Prefs >File Formats tab and look at the bottom section where it says mp3 export setup and then click find library and browse to the lame_enc.dll file
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    2007-10-14 04:58 AM
  3. doubletake76's Avatar
    Thanks, that totally helped me out. now just to figure out hoe to get them on my phone.........im iphone challenged
    2007-10-14 09:17 PM
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