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    Almost all of the threads I have read had either a "friend of a friend, random\friend person who works for AT&T\Apple.." and so forth.

    I understand it's hard to have people believe you if you can't name the source but i'll shoot this out anyways..

    I have an extremely reliable source (works for Apple in Cuppertino, NOT AN APPLE STORE) who I can't name of course...

    About a month or so ago, he had told me that they are rushing out a new iPhone, and are targeting the release date to be <b>before</b> Christmas.

    All he could tell me that was "there will be hardware changes." He wasn't anymore specific then that. I tried to give a few guesses like a higher capacity phone, 3g, GPS. But he didn't budge. On the flip side, I gave him info on next Gen Core 2 Duo Processors and Nvidia graphics for laptops ;](What a trade!)

    Again, it's hard to believe someone that can't name their source, but i'll trust that some of you out there will at least acknowledge that not everyone out there is just posting meaningless lies ><
    2007-10-13 09:57 PM
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    Red phone?
    2007-10-13 10:17 PM
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    Yeah, and they're bringing back the 4 GB too...
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    2007-10-13 10:42 PM
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    Yeah, and they're bring back the 4 gb...
    lmao or maybe kill the 8gb and have the 16gb-32gb iphone
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    2007-10-13 11:05 PM