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    OK, so i'm at school....no wifi here, i understand that you need SSH to jailbreak the new method to 1.1.1,... so i'm thinking of doing it at my home home when i visit home tonight and do it under my home wifi...


    if i come back to school with 1.1.1,......how can i mess around w/ my phone after that? does ibrick work with 1.1.1?

    can i mess around w/ the iphone w/o being wireless?
    2007-10-14 09:30 PM
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    Try the One-Click jailbreak method (thread on this forum) if you've AT&T activation.
    2007-10-14 09:52 PM
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    yeah but if i jailbreak to 1.1.1 (yeah i have at&T) and come back how can i update stuff through usb instead of wifi? ibrick? ....?

    im gonna go look for that method tho....

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    2007-10-15 01:42 AM