1. pliskin10's Avatar
    im having a problem with installing a new apps from installer.
    everytime im trying to install an apps, after the downloading stage... the installer will close automatically... even if its not finish installing..

    its weird... cause when i try to install some themes... its fine.. only the apps wont install..

    i open the FINDER app... and go to the APPLICATION folder, and all the the apps that im trying to install is there. with a QUESTION MARK ICON like DemoAPP.. but there not in the main menu...

    check out the photo... all the apps im tring to install has a QUESTION MARK ICON..

    anyone know whats the problem..

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    2008-04-09 07:45 AM
  2. junevicuslr's Avatar
    It probably means that you have too many apps installed...
    There are two partitions on the itouch/iphone one is for apps and the other is for data.
    The original apps partition was small since apple didn't have many apps.

    To fix this you can either remove a large app or you can use the BossTool it is the app with the icon that looks like a medical bag (reg cross) you will probably need to uninstall an app to install this since you are running out of space

    The BossTool app allows you to shift things around so you have plenty of space for tons of applications.

    Have you seen the HidePod youTube video?
    2008-04-09 10:38 PM
  3. Poseidon79's Avatar
    If he's right and you have too many apps you will need to SSH into the phone and manually delete some before you can install and run BossTool.
    2008-04-09 10:59 PM