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    Application that cannot be removed from the uninstall page even though the app folder is not in the directory. I am using Winscp for viewing.


    I installed the first sudoku from Installer>Games and installed the second sudoku from Installer>weiphone. To make my explanation easier, I will represent my first sudoku as A and the second one as B.

    B appear to be better in graphic so I decided to uninstall A. B cannot be accessed after A is uninstalled. I went back to Installer page and proceed to uninstall B. The problem starts from now...B cannot be uninstalled, it remains at the uninstall page no matter how many times I uninstall it. I tried to restart the phone but B still exist at the uninstall page. I try to reinstall B but obviously I can't as it still appear at the uninstall page.

    I access to the app directory via Winscp to search for the Sudoku app but cannot find the folder. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

    Or can any kind soul help me to upload sudoku app from weiphone source on this thread so that I can dl? Thanks in advance
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