1. romantiko's Avatar
    when taking pictures, how can i turn off the shutter sound? TIA

    *tried lowering the volume, the shutter sound is still loud.
    2008-04-09 03:10 PM
  2. defmute's Avatar
    You could ftp into the phone and take the sound and edit it manually.

    Or you could just flip the silent button on the side of the phone when you are trying to take pictures up girls skirts.
    2008-04-09 03:40 PM
  3. romantiko's Avatar
    do you know which file i need to edit?
    thanks btw
    2008-04-09 08:39 PM
  4. desepticon's Avatar
    no but it would be in System/Sounds/UISounds
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    2008-04-09 08:52 PM
  5. defmute's Avatar
    It is probably the /System/Library/Audio/UISounds/photoShutter.caf file
    2008-04-09 10:56 PM
  6. desepticon's Avatar
    yeah thats it
    My brother was eaten by wolves on the NJ Turnpike.
    2008-04-10 12:10 AM
  7. t3abags's Avatar
    Or just install Snapture, I believe it is better camera and it has a silent setting...
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    2008-04-10 01:05 AM
  8. duceduc's Avatar
    Does anyone knows the file to the sound for taking a screenshot (press home+on/off button at same time)?

    Nevermind. I needed to reboot to for the screenshot lockscreen camera shutter to take effect.
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    2013-02-07 03:30 AM