1. GabeJacobs321's Avatar
    Everything was going fine today, when suddenly, i plugged in my iPhone and itunes lagged for 5 minutes until it recognized my phone. It was still really laggy so i tried re-jailbreaking with ziphone. ziphone got stuck on "working". so i stopped that and plugged in my iPhone again. waited 5 mins and then pressed restore. That got stuck on "preparing iPhone for restore for about 10 mins. I stopped that and put my iPhone in restore mode, same thing. Then DFU mode said that it could not recognize the iPhone.

    What do it Do!!!!!!!!!!!! It was working perfectly fine!!!!!!!!!!!! I did nothing!!!!!

    2008-04-10 11:20 PM
  2. darko's Avatar
    same problem.... i see the screen with cable and i tunes... but nothing i can do...
    2008-08-17 10:48 AM
  3. theevilone's Avatar
    You did do something used ziphone, should have left the phone alone. My itunes always takes awhile comming up and the sometines black.

    Ok jailbreak with winpwn to 2.0.1 FW. You have lost all your apps so move on to the next level.

    search the forums and google and youtube it.
    2008-08-17 12:04 PM