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    Having impressed the hell out of everyone with my iPhone I had my American friend post 4 of his finest iPhones over to England, for my parents, sister and a good friend at work (in an Apple Reseller, incidentally).

    They all arrived with 1.1.1 on, much to our dismay, so we waited patiently for a solution (or rather they waited, my iPhone was 1.0.2). Wednesday night I set about unlocking them all for use on Orange UK and it all seemed to work.

    Only, one of them is a bit wonky! The GSM signal fluctuates wildly, regardless of the SIM card, and audio playback is all garbled and stuttery. I'm thinking it's more than likely a hardware issue, in which case he's stuffed, but I would like to try restoring the firmware first.

    Question is, how does one restore an iPhone that shipped with 1.1.1, was activated and jailbroken using iNdependence 1.2.3, then unlocked with anySIM 1.1? I can't imagine telling iTunes to restore it would do it much good...


    OK, so if I take out the SIM card then the audio playback works fine. I am thinking at this stage that something is very wrong with the cellular radios, causing the signal strength issue and also gobbling CPU (which causes the music playback to be garbled).

    Have restored to 1.1.1 in iTunes, then downgraded, patched and upgraded. Will see if AnySIM 1.1 wants to re-write the baseband firmware, then investigate other means of refreshing it. Does anybody have any hints as to how to reset the baseband to factory? Some googling reveals nothing.


    OK, so anySIM claims it can't unlock the phone. I am thus left looking for more... "manual" methods of interfering with the baseband.


    Right, so i got it working, maybe you'd like to know how?

    I followed the instructions for erasing the baseband firmware here and re-applying the 1.0.2 baseband: http://modmyi.com/wiki/index.php/Dow...1_to_1.0.2_OSX

    Of course, that left it slightly squiffy (anySIM 1.1 wouldn't unlock it properly) so I made sure it was in as "fresh" a state as I could get it (i.e. newly applied with bbupdater and locked to AT&T), then tentatively applied the 1.1.1 upgrade in iTunes.

    Thankfully this applied a virgin copy of the new baseband, which I was then able to unlock using the standard method.
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