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  1. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
    Hey guys, check out this post on lifeclever, turns out bookmarklets DO work on the iPhone, and can save you a good amount of time!

    Some examples:

    12. YubNub
    This is my personal favorite. It letís you rapidly access over 10,500 search services and tools via shortcut commands. Read more here.

    13. IMDB
    Look up your favorite movie, celebrity, or tv show

    14. AllMusic
    Look up your favorite music artist or band

    15. Amazon
    The whole world is pretty much on sale here

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    2007-07-24 08:21 PM
  2. arthursdomain's Avatar
    sweet its like personalized good without all the page loading i will definately use these... question now is how do i get them on my phone without syncing.... hrm
    2007-07-24 09:28 PM
  3. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
    Add a new bookmark from the iPhone?

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    2007-07-24 10:40 PM