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    1, To Record your unique ringtone, you need a software "iphone recorder" http://www.iphone-recorder.com

    2, Download iphonerecorder.pxl, and install it on your iPhone.

    3, After installation, restart your iPhone, and the iPhone Recorder icon will be on your iPhone desktop.

    4, Click the icon to launch iPhone Recorder.

    5, Click "Record" button to start recording...

    The green bar shows the recording sound volume, and the blue slide bar is a recording volume amplifier factor. You may slide for a desirable volume.

    6, You may change the recording file format, bitrates, channel and so on by clicking "Setting" button.

    7, Click to choose an item in the recording list as shown in point 4, and you'll get a dialog box as below.

    8, Click "Send to ringtone" to set the current song as ringtone. If you prefer to use a song as ringtone, keep in mind to record it as mp4(m4a) format beforehand. Compared with the other formats, mp4 is a easier and quicker ringtone format. You need to set the iphonerecorder as your current ringtone. Go to: Settings -> Sounds -> Ringtone, and select your new ringtone "iphonerecorder".

    now version 1.2 available.
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    Good app, thanks.
    2008-04-18 02:55 AM
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    cant get the app to open on my 3gs
    2011-02-09 11:02 PM