1. Dash-2's Avatar
    800, dare I say, ‘retarded’ Apple employees, have just been sacked for trying to cash in on the $100 rebate Apple provided to all iPhone owners after they dropped the price by $200.

    Those 800 though, seemed to have forgotten that they received those iPhones FOR FREE. Yes, in America, Apple provided all full-time Apple employees and part-time that had been working for 1 Year +, an Apple iPhone for free. But these employees figured they should get both the free iPhone, and the $100 rebate.

    Bad move. Just think about it. Apple have made the very right choice. These 800 employees proved to them, that if the opportunity strikes, and they have a chance to steal, that’s exactly what they will do.

    Haha, even Apple employees aren't perfect.
    But they sure are human!
    2007-10-21 12:32 PM
  2. Trent J.'s Avatar
    I dont blame them.. I would have tried too. But gtting fired from such a company would suck. Especially for their benefits.. like getting an iPhone for free... lol.
    Proud MMi Retired Moderator.
    2007-10-21 04:21 PM
  3. sookie626's Avatar
    Greed will get you fired.
    now on their resume it gonna say fired from apple for stealing 100.bucks
    stupid idiots.
    80,000.00 is alot for a company. once its alll added up.
    especially when they dished out 480,000.00 in the first place with iphones to their employees
    2007-10-21 06:33 PM
  4. jwcrash's Avatar
    I would have tried too.
    ..and you'd be out of a job + open to criminal prosecution (should Apple decide to prosecute, which they apparently aren't).

    Aren't you the kid who's worried about Icon Factory coming after him for using their icons?

    Case by case morality, I suppose...
    2007-10-22 03:37 AM
  5. Trent J.'s Avatar
    I meant.. I would have tried.. but with out thought. Just would have done it, then realized it was messed up. Whatever. I am not going into an argument.
    Proud MMi Retired Moderator.
    2007-10-22 03:46 AM
  6. iphonejeff's Avatar
    I wanna work for apple to but I won't steal
    2007-10-22 03:55 AM
  7. jwcrash's Avatar
    I am not going into an argument.
    Who's looking for one? Expressing one's opinion doesn't automatically lead to an argument...that's something everyone learns sooner or later.

    Don't take things so personally - life will be a lot easier if you lighten up.
    2007-10-22 04:11 AM
  8. Dash-2's Avatar
    *thinks about posting that "fighting on the internet: retards" pic but decided against it.*

    It's only the internet =D
    2007-10-22 06:32 AM
  9. jwcrash's Avatar
    It's only the internet =D
    EXACTLY my point. You just expressed it a little more succinctly.
    2007-10-22 07:10 AM
  10. iPhoneHero's Avatar

    and to keep on subject....I have to say though sometimes that ol' Apple in the tree of knowledge looks good every now and again.
    even though its wrong, we just want to grab it. hopefully this makes sense.
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    2007-10-22 07:27 AM
  11. Cody Overcash's Avatar
    lol idiots get what they deserve
    2007-10-22 07:35 AM
  12. jwcrash's Avatar
    I have to say though sometimes that ol' Apple in the tree of knowledge looks good every now and again. even though its wrong, we just want to grab it. hopefully this makes sense.
    Makes total sense to me...bright & shiny can be very attractive. That's where cause & effect comes into play. Was that $100 credit going to be worth the job they lost?

    lol idiots get what they deserve
    EXACTLY. Very hard to feel sorry for wannabe thieves. Or the folks who'd "do it if they had the chance".
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    2007-10-22 08:08 AM
  13. geoffl1's Avatar
    that did get what they deserved! stupid people!

    i have one question though... after they got fired, did they get to keep the rebate :-D lol
    2007-10-22 08:13 AM