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    **MAC USER**

    In a bit of a jam.

    I TRIED to activate, jailbreak and unlock my iPhone that came from apple with v1.1.1 firmware on it, the same way I would for an iPhone with v1.0.2 firmware on it (oops!):

    -Ran independence to activate and jailbreak
    -Ran appTapp to load installer.
    -Ran installer to load community sources, DNS Tools, BSD Subsystem, OpenSSH
    -Connected Iphone to WiFi
    -Connected to iPhone via ftp client(cyberduck)
    -Uploaded & Overwrote lockdwnd file
    -Uploaded & ran iUnlock.app

    Of course I couldn't get passed step one because the version of iNdependence I was using isn't compatible with the new firmware (v1.1.1).

    So I put my iPhone into restore mode by pressing home and power button until the "yellow triangle" appeared, restored my iPhone to v1.0.2 with iTunes (option+Restore), then jumped back into iNdependence and proceeded as usual.

    Once iUnlock was finished I popped my non-AT&T simcard in, and as you probably already guessed it didn't recognize the sim.

    So my question is this. How can I restore 100% back to factory settings after having used the previously mentioned method to (try to) unlock my iPhone?

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