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    I am a bit of a noob, and although i have tried searching and have not come accross anything, i may be being one of those people who asks questions asked a million times, so sorry if i am...

    My university wireless uses 802.11G WPA and TKIP encryption, and then it uses PEAP which we have to enter our user name and password into.

    I cannot seem to get this working, one thing i tried was to enter my username in the Client Id field when adding the network, and whilst that seems to let me on to the network, i cannot seem to do anything... I have set up the proxy.

    My question really is does anyone have any experience of using a wifi set up with WPA/TKIP/PEAP, or is this even compatable, is there a mod? any help is much appriciated.

    Matthew Mills
    2007-10-21 08:15 PM
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    I am told that specificiall it is:

    2007-10-23 07:08 PM
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    Edit: Been doing some more reading and I've found a few articles that state the iPhone does not support PEAP.

    So sounds like anyone who has a Uni/Work WiFi network using PEAP is going to be disappointed until apple brings out an update.

    Is anyone aware of any third party software that can solve the problem? PocketPCs used to have the same problem and somone made an app that would allow people to connect (cant remember the name of the app).

    Here's a notice from one of the Unis: http://its.southwestern.edu/kbs/know...-compatibility
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    2008-02-19 10:41 AM
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