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    Background: I bought a phone off of ebay (1.12 OTB) that was already jailbroken and using a stealthsim card. It has been great for months. I even upgraded to 1.13. It crashed out of nowhere today and needed to be restored. I went through the process that the stealthsim site refers to (on iclarified.com - http://www.iclarified.com/entry/comm...commentsanchor).

    Problem: When I got to the step to install the 1.13 soft upgrade, the installer crashes to springboard every time I try to add the necessary source. It also crashes to springboard when I try to use SMS or Safari. The phone does function as a phone.

    I cannot find any information on what to do from here. I am tempted to say screw it all and try ZiPhone, but I really fear screwing up my phone. Does anyone know how to fix this problem? Should I just try ZiPhone.

    Thank you so much for anyone who can help!

    I want to add that the reason I went with a stealthsim instead of an unlock is that I wanted to be able to "recover" from any major problems. This will probably be annoying and naive to say, but if possible I want to be able to call on the warranty. I really don't know if Ziphone will screw that up for me. Thanks again to anyone willing to help another newbie.
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    its safe.

    upgrade/restore to 1.1.4 and run ziphone (press do it all) wait a bit and u're good to go..

    imho, stealthsim was the risky way to go
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    2008-04-15 04:37 AM
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    Thanks for the reply! What about just doing the Jailbreak+activate and continuing to use my stealthsim? Does that sound like a decent option?
    2008-04-15 04:58 AM
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    Hey use iplus instead, while ziphone is good if you're thinking about warranty issues iplus(google it) is the safer method. It downgrades your bootloader to a fake 1(meaning it can be restored via a software method if you need to take it back to the store) whereas ziphone permanently downgrades it. Your phone may already be a 3.9bootloader I'm not sure,if you want to check go to installer and install bbinfo. If it is then the latest ver of ziphone i.e 3.0 will b fine to use.
    2008-04-15 05:24 AM
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    I guess I will use iplus. I assume there is no need for the stealthsim then? It is still fully reversable, huh?
    2008-04-15 09:04 AM
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    Thanks is an acknowledgment
    2008-04-15 02:12 PM
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    Just for clarification, the only bootloaders out there are 3.9 and 4.6, right? It is my understanding that since my serial number is xx747xxxxxx that my bootloader is 4.6. Is this correct?

    Woot! iPlus worked great. All appears to be good. I am actually still using the stealthsim even though I don't need to. I just didn't bother to take it out. Now I just have to figure out youtube on edge. I am sure I can find it searching.

    Thanks again!
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