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    Hey guys I just recieved my new 8gb iPhone the other day after buying it on eBay. Everything is working brilliantly and I'm quite happy with how everything is going, however I have one simple question.

    I read that in version 1.1.3 that one of the new features allowed you to be able to move arround the icons on springboard to your liking, yet (I am running version 1.1.4) I am not able to do so and I assumed that all of 1.1.3 features would be in 1.1.4. Is there some special trick that I need to do in order to move them, like by holding down the home button as I drag the icon?

    I know that you can arrange springboard using the customise application within Installer however I have tried this and after looking on the net, have discoverd that customiser is not compatible with 1.1.4.

    I know there is a way to get customiser to work on 1.1.4 yet the youtube video was a guy using a mac do to it (I'm using XP Pro) and it looked like it wasen't worth the hassle of just arranging springboard. Is there some other meathod to use in order to arrange springboard? I mean, it can't be that bloody hard!

    I don't like the way my springboard is all cluttered at the moment and was hoping you guys could give me a hand!


    Hey I've just answered my own qustion. All I did was hold down on an icon, then all the icons begin to jiggle and you arrange as you wish. I knew it was simple!

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    Problem: Customize (v1.x) crashes when I try to open it!
    Fix: Download the modded version [Customize version 1.21 (custom), 2] off Installer.app from the source: http://www.touchrepo.com/repo.xml
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    2008-04-15 12:39 PM
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    hold down one of the icons for a couple of seconds and it starts to wiggle then you can drag them around,

    press home when done to stop them wiggling

    also download the latest version of customize (v2) which you can find here
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    2008-04-15 12:39 PM