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  1. Farrell's Avatar

    I am living in the Middle East in a place called Oman.
    I am Irish though!

    This week, I found an electronics store here, who are selling iPhones.

    The guy told me that if I buy one that they can sort out changing the sim card for me which is fine. I have made calls on the instore demo model and it works fine.

    The thing that I don't know is, if I will trash the phone when I connect it to my PC?

    I have the latest version of iTunes and would like to transfer my songs to the new phone. However, from looking at Apple's "activation" video, I'm not sure if it can be done.

    Any other advice of warnings that you can give me before I go and buy this thing tonight would be appreciated.

    2007-10-23 10:42 AM
  2. truenorth's Avatar
    Hi, Farrell. Go buy it. You won't trash it when you connect to iTunes. We do it all the time. My iTunes is just about permanently running on my computer now because of my iPhone.
    Sydney, Australia
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    2007-10-23 02:28 PM
  3. Farrell's Avatar
    Thanks for that!

    I bought it and am amazed at it!

    My laptop needs Service Pack 2 for XP now.

    Trying to source it from Microsoft but I think they've hidden it so that I have to go and buy some of that Vista crap!

    Maybe I'll buy a Mac.


    2007-10-23 07:25 PM
  4. truenorth's Avatar
    You're quite welcome. I've just had my iPhone for a little over a week and I'm still in awe.

    About Vista, I heard somewhere that iTunes has a couple of additional features in Vista. But maybe someone can verify that. Didn't you get SP2 from the regular Windows updates? Do you have Windows Update permanently off? I'm sure SP2 is all over the net, too.
    Sydney, Australia
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    2007-10-24 12:45 AM
  5. Farrell's Avatar
    Well folks....

    The iPhone is running perfectly and I have not had to tweak it in any way. I was so impressed with the interface and the whole way the Mac concept works that I went out a few days later and bought a MacBook. An amazing piece of kit!
    2007-11-14 02:51 PM