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    I have previously revirginized my unlocked 1.0.2 phone 2 days ago using Revan's guide and it was successful. Then I upgraded to 1.1.1 using itunes, and got the incorrect unlock sim card. soo, I downgraded back to 1.0.2 got it all back to normal and used Yesterday, thought hey let me try again to update to 1.1.1.. but I am having doubts that I might end up having 0449 imei so I thought I'll REVIRGINIZED my phone again using Revan's guide.

    So here we go, got everything worked up to running the IPSF on iphone.
    clicked the apple icon, waited do its thing... then I got the error your retailer... I forgot the exact words..

    since it says I should get the unlock failed/error updating token.

    So I thought, hmm since I still have the old bin let me try using it..

    Ofcourse it failed! Sooooooo I deleted that old .bin and the old loader..

    put my phone back to recovery mode.. and thought I tried AGAIN to update 1.1.1.....

    WELL, now i have the incorrect sim with a 0449 imei. put it back on restore downgrade on 1.0.2.. all went well.. got my imei back to normal.. unlock it again using erica's

    My question is, Can you revirginize your iphone multiple times?? since I did it no problem for first time, then failed 2nd time.. do not know maybe cause the server was done.. or did I damage my seczone for doing the 2nd time for doing again?

    I would like to try the new iphone elite one..

    pls advise
    2007-10-24 03:25 AM