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    i have an unlocked 1.0.2 iphone i bought from a seller in america , i cannot get in touch to find out the unlocking method he used.

    my question is ...... if i use the itunes restore facility, will it basically put the phone back to how it was purchased (i.e locked ), then if i upgrade to 1.1.1 using itunes again, then use the methods in the forums to unlock again 1.1.1.

    following question....... is it worth the hastle and will i be able to get the third party apps back on that i have ( bearing in mind , i know nothing about hacking or programming command lines ) the phone has been jailbroken and i have ssh'd before to get onto the phone.

    regards and many thanks
    2007-10-24 12:26 PM
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    Do this:
    1). Use REVIRGINIZER tool and fix your seczone.
    2). Use oneSIM to patch your baseband to factory state and locked.
    3). Upgrade to v1.1.1, use the Oneclick softwares to jailbreak, activate etc. and unlock using anySIM1.1p

    Your surely to have full access to third party apps and using a better faster firmware.
    2007-10-24 01:19 PM
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    thanks for the info, will try now as never been too sure how to do and what steps to take, regards

    i have been looking for ibrickr that has been explained you need to revirginise my iphone, this is a windows program, so what should i use on a mac, regards
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    2007-10-24 03:53 PM