1. UVa.Jester's Avatar
    I have a weird question and can't seem to get an answer from anyone... I have enabled POP on my work email server so that I can add the account to my iPhone... I added and everything went through, but when I open the email on the iPhone I show no emails in my inbox.... but I am able to send emails through that email account... any suggestions or ideas on what I can do..??

    I am trying to do this since accessing though OWA is not supported by the iPhone... Thanks in advance everyone..

    2008-04-17 03:35 PM
  2. Poseidon79's Avatar
    Have you tried to send yourself a test email? If you email at work at set up to delete incoming messages off the server after they have been checked then your iphone will never get them.
    2008-04-17 04:14 PM
  3. UVa.Jester's Avatar
    I just sent myself a few test email and even logged off of my work email account... Nothing is showing up on my iPhone... on the phone it says the email was updated, but it shows nothing...
    2008-04-17 04:23 PM
  4. Poseidon79's Avatar
    You're sending these test emails to yourself from the phone right? Also try sending them to a different email other than the work email so you can tell if the work email server is just being slow..
    2008-04-17 04:25 PM