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    I received my iPhone today and unlocked it on 1.0.2.

    All in all its a nice peice of kit but there are 2 things that really bug me, one of them is that the call quality isn't great, a few people have struggled to hear me but the main one is the WiFi.

    I'm sat 1 metre away from a WiFi Router on a 24MBps line and its considerably slower than doing the same functions on bog standard GPRS. Some times it does nothing at all.

    Getting it to pick up the router from more than 2 metres away is nealry impossible and if it does logging on is a pipe dream.

    Im really disapointed with the WiFI, anyone else had the same or found anyway to improve it?

    Downloading a 300k app is taking about 80 seconds instead of the 1 second it should take! In fact I'm lucky if the Wireless doesnt disconnect before it finishes.
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