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    ok here's the deal my iPhone screen has dead areas on the screen when I turn it to the left with the power connection pointing left the N & J qwerty keys are give me no action even when I scroll across them nothing and when I turn it with the headphone jack/sleep,power button pointing towards the left D & X qwerty keys won't give me any action now i'm using firmware 1.1.1 and running a few applications fron installer and wanted to know if anyone else may have had this problem, and thought it could be a one of the many apps that run from the installer
    and if not what's the deal with the warranty because mine has a dent in the back of it and was wondering how that would effect my warranty, and if so what are the steps to return my 1.1.1 jail broken phone to it'
    s out of box state for returning to at&t.HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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