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    I'm visiting the U.S. from Canada and would like to buy an iPhone, unlock it, and use it with my Fido SIM card before I return to Canada.

    Is that possible?

    Or will I have to return to Canada and use iPhone with Fido SIM card first in Canada before I can roam with it?

    If you have experience with this, please let me know.
    2007-10-26 11:55 AM
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    I have no experience in it, but I don't think you should have any problem using your SIM on the iPhone while still in the US. Just make sure you had set up the account for international roaming BEFORE you leave Canada.

    Also, make prior arrangements with an American to buy the iPhone for you. Recently some Apple stores have refused sales to non-Americans. They might require you to pay by credit card and even ask for a driver's licence. Once they know you're Canuck, they will refuse to sell.
    Sydney, Australia
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    2007-10-26 01:04 PM
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    I bought my iPhone in Seattle. Unfortunately when you open the box, you can not do anything with it. You can play with the Emergency Call screen, but that's it. I waited till I got back to Canada, followed the guides on this site and I'm a happy owner of a iPhone on the FIDO network. I'm still on firmware 1.0.2

    Don't know if that helped you.


    Oh by the way. They did ask for a Zip code. I said, "it's a postal code, I'm from Canada" and they said that's fine. (I was crossing my fingers but I knew I could just go to another Apple Store) So no problems getting one.
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    2007-10-26 07:01 PM
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    Bring a laptop with you with all the files you'll need and activate/unlock the phone in the parking lot.
    2007-10-26 07:03 PM