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    I used summerboard to swap between themes, which seemed to fail as the phone hung and rebooted, and ever since then all I get is constant reboots. The phone won't boot back to the home screen it just displays the apple logo and the loading symbol it sits like that until it eventually reboots.

    It looks as though whatever summerboard does to replace a theme didn't complete successfully and has left it in a strange state. Does any one know how to manually swap a theme through ssh as wifi is still active on the phone? I guess i need to copy the files under Summerboard/Themes to somewhere but I don't know where. Or is there a way to manually disable summerboard at boot time or even manually remove summerboard

    Anyone got any ideas? The phone is currently useless, I don't want to have to restore as it took me a long time to unlock/activate etc.

    iPhone is 1.1.1 firmware with the latest summerboard installed through the Installer.app



    I ran SMBPrefs from the command line and that seemed to do the trick.
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