1. lamofo's Avatar
    I get this reply when hitting return. -sh-3.2#??? I was given the advice below.

    Last login: Fri Oct 26 23:14:47 on ttyp1
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    GM-2:~ GM$ ssh -l root
    [email protected]'s password:

    "You need to resintall the BSD Subsystems. You have tried to install OpenSSH from more than one source is the issue. "

    I have no idea what BSD Subsystems is. Yes, i'm amateur but trying really closely to follow these steps. That just completely thru me off though. How do I reinstall the BSD Subsystem?
    2007-10-27 08:49 AM
  2. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
    Open Installer.app, at the bottom where it says uninstall, click. Scroll to find BSD Subsystems. Click it. At the top right there will be a button saying "reinstall". Click it.

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    2007-10-27 10:10 AM