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  1. squawbanger's Avatar
    Audiologist from my work gave me an iphone 8gb without sim & sim tray.
    I got a sim tray,no sim though.
    I tried to connect to itunes & after doing so I can no longer use anything.
    it goes to a activate iphone screen that with only let me make emergency call.
    we were using it for wifi & camera.
    is there anyway to get this thing working for ipod functions & wifi without having to use as a phone?
    2007-10-27 08:01 AM
  2. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
    Sure, download iNdependence, and hit the Activate button.

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    2007-10-27 09:11 AM
  3. squawbanger's Avatar
    where do I hit activate from?
    the phone only shows the activate graphic , but you can't click on it.
    i downloaded virginize but find no Windows folders.did I d\l the wrong one?

    this doesn't seem to work with Windows & I'm tired of messing with it.
    Iphone is now garbage can fodder....
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    2007-10-27 05:38 PM